Man busted with zombie kit including suppressed Hi-Point (VIDEO)

“Transit Policing Division deputies may have saved the lives of many people today when they arrested a man for urinating in public”– actual statement from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

According to the above press conference at the Hall of Justice and the accompanying release, Christopher Harrison Goodine, 28, of Union City, Georgia, was arrested Wednesday for a slew of charges including possession of a silencer (illegal in California except for law enforcement and licenced dealers), as well as possession of an “assault weapon” and of a “high-capacity magazine.”

Deputies apparently saw Goodine taking a leak at the Sierra Madre Gold Line Station, a light rail public transportation hub, and when they contacted him he refused to speak to the officers. This interaction led to an arrest after they found what officials describe as a “cache” of weapons in his duffle bag. These included a loaded AR-15 with a pair of 30-round mags, the first frowned upon without being featureless and the latter verboten in California after this year even if pre-ban.

There was also a really sweet $29 zombie killer/ninja mega knife katana (that’s how they are advertised), and– hold your breath this is the best part– a Hi-Point .40S&W that somehow had an ersatz suppressor device attached similar to those seen in the Walking Dead.

Police also found a rope and “a notebook with unidentified writing inside.”

As noted by the good folks over at The Firearm Blog, it’s farfetched that the Hi-Point flashlight suppressor would work for more than one shot in the likely absence of a recoil booster (Niesen Device), but hey, we can dream can’t we?

Goodline was booked at East Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station and is being held in lieu of $50,500 bail.

KTLA reports Goodine was previously arrested in 2015 in Key West, Florida and again at New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel “wearing a bullet-proof vest, an empty gun holster, and a ski mask.”