A little quiet time with the SilencerCo Maxim 9mm (VIDEOS)

Eric with IV8888 tests out a fresh production variant of the integrally-suppressed 9mm semi-auto pistol from SilencerCo.

The finished product, which the Utah-based company has had under development for years, takes Glock 17 mags and sights and is RMR-ready, all the while being hearing-safe (no ear pro) with factory ammo.

The baffle stack is user-configurable and can be shortened while the fixed barrel gives pretty good accuracy in Eric’s hands. For those who have never seen a Maxim field stripped, they go there, and there are also some sound measurements later in the nearly 40-minute video.

To complement the above here is some footage of Maxim 9 owners with tax stamps pending taking advantage of first time “conjugal visits” at Capitol Armory, an NFA dealer in Cedar Park, Texas.