First-person shooter video asks ‘why wouldn’t you want to shoot suppressed?’

SilencerCo this week released a short film showing a number of real-world scenarios where their Maxim integrally suppressed 9mm pistol would come in handy.

The sub-2 minute clip runs through a number of mini-stories: a driver surrounded in his car by masked attackers, a homeowner awakened to an intruder downstairs, a mentor teaching a child about guns, an officer clearing a building, a tactical/practical shooter on the range, an outdoorsman on a trail ride.

All situations where a suppressed handgun could come in handy — uniquely in some cases, such as to avoid spooking the trail rider’s horse when he comes upon a snake — but time or need may not allow for the use of ear pro.

“With the creation of the Maxim 9, we’ve devised a way to make shooting suppressed not only safe and enjoyable, but also second nature,” says SilencerCo in a release accompanying the video. “Instead of just providing an answer, we changed the question entirely. ‘Why would you need to shoot suppressed?’ has turned into ‘Why wouldn’t you shoot suppressed?’”