Free ‘World of Muzzleloading’ series updated, online (VIDEO)

Gregg Ritz of Outdoor Channel’s Hunt Masters rolls holds class on smoke poles in an in-depth new video series produced by Thompson/Center Arms.

A reboot on the legacy World of Muzzleloading, series two starts with propellants and rolls through seasoning, cleaning, sighting, loading, building a possibles kit, and troubleshooting.

A hunter for three decades, Ritz says the updated shorts are designed to provide tips and tricks for both those fresh to muzzleloaders and a refresher to those already familiar with their use.

“A large portion of my hunting career has been spent using a muzzleloader and I am excited to be able to share my knowledge of the sport to help both new and experienced hunters enhance their skillset with a muzzleloader,” said Ritz in a statement.

Sure, there are a lot of “product suggestions” but they do cover a lot of techniques that are pretty universal.

All told, the eight videos total about 25-minutes, meaning you can blow through them on a lunch break, or bookmark for later use.

As noted by, several states already have their primative weapon seasons underway, making the new video series timely.