5-year-old boy suspended over imaginary bomb (VIDEO)

The parents of a young student at a Modesto school say they love Great Valley Academy, but school officials went too far when they accused the couple’s imaginative 5-year-old son of terroristic threats, earning him a one-day suspension.

Jackson Riley’s parents said the fiasco unfolded when his teacher asked him to take off his backpack, and young Riley said he couldn’t because there was a bomb inside and, if he took it off, the bomb would explode.

“So, they look in his backpack, and my son’s 5 years old, obviously there’s no bomb in my kid’s backpack,” Jackson’s father said. “They called me at work and said, ‘There’s been an incident at the school.’ They told me everything that my son said, and they said, ‘You need to come pick your son up, and this is going to be a one-day suspension.’”

First Jackson was accused of threatening, intimidating, or harassing others, but after talking with the kid’s parents, school officials agreed with them in that the accusations didn’t fit the circumstances. So instead, school officials determined the child made terroristic threats, with which his parents still did not agree. In fact, Jackson’s mother pointed out that the boy never threatened anyone, but rather tried to keep everyone safe by not detonating the imaginary bomb.

The school declined to comment on the incident, but noted they take “student safety and discipline very seriously.”

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