Ed Brown Products expands 1911 series, drops new CCO LW

The CCO LW boasts a sleek look in a compact, concealable size. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)

The CCO LW boasts a sleek look in a compact, concealable size. (Photo: Ed Brown Products)

Ed Brown Products excitedly launched a new pistol in its series of 1911 handguns, bringing the lightweight CCO LW to market.

The pistol is designed with lightweight concealed carry in mind, utilizing an aluminum frame to lighten the load. Though its aluminum construction offers a lighter gun, Ed Brown Products has reinforced the feed ramp with a steel insert to avoid erosion common to aluminum bodied guns with continual use of hollow point rounds. The pistol’s compact size combined with a round butt housing and concealed carry beavertail offers maximum concealability.

Chambered in 9mm, .38 Super and .45 ACP, the CCO LW is jam packed with features such as carry cuts on the slide for one-handed reholstering, a single side safety and flush-cut slide stop for a no-snag profile. Boasting a snakesin treatment on the frontstrap, mainspring housing and slide offers shooters a solid grip while protecting hands from irritation that checkered grips can often bring.

Ed Brown Products Sales and Marketing Director John May said with the CCO LW is a continuation of the company’s commitment to producing quality 1911s.

“We are just continuing to do what Ed Brown is known for; building the best custom 1911s you can buy. While recognized most for traditional 1911s, keep in mind that Ed Brown invented some of the most innovative and highly imitated designs, such as the Bobtail Kobra Carry, and Snakeskin , so producing cutting edge 1911’s is in our DNA. Our 50th year is almost here and we are going to remind you all of our history,” May said in a press release.

The CCO LW is available through Ed Brown Products with a retail price of $3,585.