Good Samaritan shot dead after confronting suspect harassing homeless man (VIDEO)

Authorities in Florida are searching for the person who fatally shot a man in Pembroke Park after he confronted the suspect about harassing an elderly homeless man Friday morning.

The shooting, which was captured on surveillance video, happened outside of a Kwik Stop as the homeless man was cutting grass.

Philip Antonino, 57, was on his way back to work when he passed the suspect verbally abusing the homeless man. At first, Antonino walked away, then turned back around after deciding the abuse wasn’t right.

Antonino confronted the suspect, who shot Antonino moments later. Antonino, who was shot multiple times, died from his injuries.

The suspect is described as a male in his 30s with a dark complexion, thin build, and bald head, who stands about 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Anyone with information is asked to call 954-321-4356.

[ CBS Miami ]