2 in custody for shooting at random houses, sharing video on Snapchat (VIDEO)

Two people are in police custody in relation to a Snapchat video that shows the couple driving in a car while shooting at random houses in Houston.

“Those people are fools,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo at a press conference Tuesday. “People think they’re funny. They think they’re cute. They don’t realize that the only fame they’re going to get is when they get convicted of two felony counts and end up in state prison.”

Michael Cuellar, who is also known as local rap artist Money Mike, turned himself Tuesday after Sierra Tarbutton was arrested one day prior. According to authorities, Cuellar is a known drug dealer, and Tarbutton is said to have ties to the cartel and once threatened a police officer’s young daughters, noting they would make “cute little tombstones.”

Cuellar is being held on a $200,000 bond, while Tarbutton’s bond was denied.

“We want to let people in this community know that we take dangerous conduct, reckless conduct seriously, and when you’re foolish enough to put it on social media,” Acevedo said, “I assure you that the Houston Police Department and all of our public safety partners are on social media looking for these fools.”

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