Suspect found dead behind dumpster moments after McDonald’s robbery (VIDEO)

An investigation is underway after a man accused of robbing a McDonald’s in College Park, Georgia, last week was found shot to death outside of the business just moments after the crime occurred.

Witnesses say two suspects, one of whom was wearing a mask and at least one carrying a gun, entered the restaurant just after 9 p.m. and robbed the business and patrons of cash and valuables. The duo took off with the loot and headed toward the back of the property. But moments after they walked out, witnesses reported hearing numerous gunshots.

One of the suspects, whose name was not released, was found dead behind the dumpster. He had been shot to death and some of the items stolen during the robbery were found close to him. A mask was also found nearby, but no weapon was recovered.

Authorities are hoping surveillance video will aid in the investigation and help determine how – or why – the suspect was killed and whether his accomplice was the one who pulled the trigger.

[ Fox 5 ]