Game warden uses Glock to break up buck jam-up (VIDEOS)

A Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism game warden used his sidearm to separate a pair of bucks locked up at the antler – just in time.

The incident, recorded on the unidentified warden’s body-worn camera, occurred last week in Clark County as the conservation officer responded to a call of two bucks with their antlers locked together in a tilled field.

It’s a windy day but you can tell in the video there is something pretty wrong with the first buck — the deer had already expired but was still trapped to the carcass of his former adversary.

“One of the bucks had died and was half eaten by coyotes,” said KDWPT on social media. “The second buck would have soon fallen prey to the coyotes if he was not freed from the expired buck.”

It’s not the first time this has happened in Kansas, below is a video from last year that shows much the same event, followed by another from 2012.