Gear Review: Oakley SI Eye Protection with Prizm

When it comes to eyewear, trying to provide the right combination of physical protection and UV protection has always been a challenge. Oakley takes lens technology to the next level by developing a product that not only solves those issues, but enhances the wearer’s vision and allows them to more easily distinguish objects from the background.


Gear Review: RSI Mosin Nagant scope mount

Upgrading the Mosin Nagant with modern-day features can be a daunting task. They were never designed to be covered in optics, lasers, or flashlights. Thankfully Ken Norberg at Rock Solid Industries (RSI) specialize in customizing vintage bolt action rifles like the Mosin Nagant. No matter what type of receiver or barrel your Mosin has, RSI makes accessories for it.The focus of this review is the combination scope mount angled bolt package offered by RSI.


Modernizing the Mosin Nagant 91/30 (VIDEO)

Archangel Manufacturing really broke the mold with their AA9130, and I foresee a new and reinvigorated market for this WWII classic. Compared to the original wooden stock the AA9130 provides a more balanced, and ergonomic design full of features from the 20th century for the modern day shooter that doesn’t want to drop several thousand dollars on a rifle.