Editorial: America chose gun rights

Depending on one’s political persuasions, the results of the mid-term elections proved either an eye-opener or a breath of fresh air. A number of “blue” states turned “red” and some hard-line Democrat leaning districts saw conservative victories. But what, if anything, will this really mean for us folks who cherish our rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment to our Constitution?


Mounted Shooting Sports: a horse of a different color

Mounted shooting, in which competitors ride horses around a cone-laden course while shooting at balloons with .45 caliber single-action western revolvers that fire black powder blanks, is quickly becoming one of the first rising sports in the country. We take a look at this new phenomenon.


Sleeve Guns: Concealed Carry with a Trick up its Sleeve

While British Army Officers first coined the phrase “sleeve gun” during World War II to describe any weapon designed specifically for assassination purposes, today it is commonly known to be a small firearm held in place by various holster rigs and devices attached to one’s forearm.  Sleeve guns


Fuzzy Memories of the Stoner 63 and its Many Configurations

Though his name may not jump to people’s lips like John Moses Browning or Samuel Colt, in the 1950s and ’60s, Eugene Stoner of AR-15 fame, was one of the most influential weapon designers in the world, so influential in fact, it’s hard to imagine a modern American small arm that hasn’t incorporate


The Squad Leader’s Gun: The M249 SAW and its Variants

Our tactics have evolved and new technologies have been employed but, when you boil it all down, the role of any soldier who leads men and women onto a field of battle remains the same: to support and ensure the success of the infantry. In this role, US squad leaders since 1989 have fielded the