Gun Review: Remington 1100: A massively tough shotgun

The Remington 1100 has been an extremely popular autoloading hunting and trap shotgun since its introduction in 1963. It has been available in many guises over the years including tactical and camo, but I’m willing to bet that when most folks think of the 1100, they think of good old classic wood on black. The 1100 is well known to be reliable and massively tough shotgun. Read more


Gun Review: H&R .22 Sidekick: A hearty gun with a lot of character

When H&R introduced the 929 Sidekick in 1956 it was a most welcomed addition to the company’s catalog. In a six-shot world, the gun’s most appreciated selling point was the nine-shot capacity and the swing out cylinder. Additionally, the Model 929 has a few more features that I personally really dig. In my opinion, the gun is one of the most practical and straightforward .22 revolvers in existence. Read more