Review: The Gibbs M1903A4 – finally!

Guns.com writer excitedly receives his Gibbs M1903A4 rifle for the Vintage Military Sniper Rifle matches held by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, but the real story is with the scope. Ever wonder what it’s like to shoot a sniper rifle from 70 years ago?


Deck out Santa in Guns and Gear

I was going to ask you for an M249 SAW with one million rounds of Hornady Zombiemax ammo to be ready for the zombie apocalypse. And I really, really would like one of the U.S. Army’s new Remington XM 2010 sniper rifles in .300 Win Mag just because I’m a true believer in the long range first shot.


Who’s on Guns.com Gun maker Naughty List?

What constitutes “naughty” is really a subjective matter. When your love interest is “naughty,” isn’t that really sometimes “nice?” When children are “naughty,” maybe they get a frown-y face instead of a star or a tap on the wrist. But what makes a firearm manufacturer “naughty”? You know, somet


Shooters Got Vanity, Too

America is a nation of car owners, and many drivers like to express their identities on the backs of their vehicles. And who hasn’t sat in traffic and tried deciphering some clever vanity plate abbreviations.  Well, competitive shooters are no different.