The Official Decoys of the NRA: FUDs or Fold-Up Decoys

Decoys have been around for hundreds of years but today new technology has arrived for those of us with a disdain for having to carry 60-pound decoy bags on our backs like pack mules on an assault mission. These are the NRA FUD decoys: life-like vinyl prints on three-dimensional decoys that weighs


In Pursuit of The Perfect Hunting Vehicle?

When the Editors at Guns.com asked me, if I had favorite hunting vehicle, and could I write an article about it I gave them an unequivocal, No.  The reason is, there is no perfect hunting vehicle that is going to suit everyone’s taste or cover their own unique checklist of requirements. The reas


The Browning Maxus: The 21st Century Shotgun?

For Browning aficionados, I’m probably a heretic, but truth be known, I never really liked or enjoyed shooting the venerable A5 autoloader shotgun that was around for nearly a century. It just never fit right.  I thought the recoil was excessive, and after a couple of rounds at the trap or skeet