Mount Up: Philly Brings Back Mounted Police Unit

Thanks to a 2010 federal grant of $350,000 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Philadelphia’s once-defunct mounted police unit is getting back on its feet. A once-prominent and well-funded operation that spanned a 32-year period and peaked at 190 horses, Philly’s mounted police division had d


Target Shooting Catches Blame for Utah Wildfires

It’s been a strange year for weather, and as is often the case, wildfires have played a prominent role in what have become increasingly volatile weather patterns over recent years. But what is perhaps even stranger than the unpredictable weather is the hypothesis that target shooters may be to bl


Crosman Announces Airsoft Agreement With U.S. Marine Corps

The same way an NFL team is excited to sell the jersey of a newly signed superstar, the Crosman Corporation is hoping a new licensing agreement with the USMC will help provide a boost to sales and overall customer interest. As a part of the agreement, the Crosman Corporation – makers of a number


Rare Flintlock Pistol Goes Missing at Daytona Museum

It’s no Italian Job, but a recent heist at the Daytona Beach Museum of Arts and Sciences has left the facility under-gunned, literally. Museum officials recently reported a theft of a rare flintlock pistol – complete with bayonet and gunpowder tester- which employees say was stolen on July 14. Th