We don't know what's cuter: the compact 1911 or that possum shirt. (Photo credit: Jim Downey)

Gun Review: The Browning 1911-22 Compact makes men into excitable boys (VIDEO)

This gun surprised me — pleasantly. The MSRP is $600, and they’re currently selling for not much less than that. That makes it a pricey little .22 and is outside of what I would usually be willing to pay. But if you have deeper pockets, or really like the 1911 platform, I’d say that this gun is worth the coin. At the very least, if you get a chance to try one, you should. Read more

Kimber Rimfire Target 1911. (Photo credit: Osage County Guns)

Gun Review: Kimber Rimfire Target 1911

I prefer my 1911s to be in John Browning’s chosen .45 ACP, but having one set up to properly handle a .22 LR cartridge makes all kinds of sense for a number of reasons, such as getting practice with the platform at a small fraction of the ammo costs of shooting .45 ACP. And for that, the Kimber Rimfire Target model is an excellent choice. Read more