The da Vinci Cannon: If you Want Peace, Prepare for War

Leonardo di Vinci was one of the most brilliant men in history, and his genius wasn’t limited to one area. While his time as a military engineer often gets overshadowed, di Vinci invented the first piece of mobile artillery, the three barrel cannon. Only one known example exists in the world.


World War I’s Periscope Rifles

World War I was often noted for insane stupidity, mindless trench warfare, millions of casualties suffered in senseless frontal charges against machine-gun-defended barbed wire trench emplacements. So the periscope rifle in its own way fits right in. It was just as dumb.


Guns that Changed History: The Great Turkish Bombard

With mind blowing super weapons like 10 megajoule Railguns and 1.5 mile capable sniper rifles added to our collective arsenal each year, it’s easy to forget that at one time and not really that long ago, even the crudest of firearms in and of themselves were new and novel concepts and only beginn


Gun Duel Between Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner No Contest

When Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner starred in The Magnificent Seven, the two actors didn’t think highly of each other. We examine the feud and take a look at McQueen’s gun skills. There’s little doubt McQueen could outdraw Brynner in a gunfight. A former U.S. Marine, McQueen had experience with guns