The Evolution of Guns: Clones and Improvements

The concept of a gun-clone can be tricky territory: for every gun popular enough to warrant a copy, authorized or not, there is bound to be a large following behind it willing to make enough noise complaining about it, or busy buying it up. Walking the line between improvement and desecration ca


No Bang for Your Buck: Guns that aren’t worth it

The crowded hall of SHOT show was a great example of how huge the gun industry has become and like any industry that finds itself bloated with money and influence, its hard not to find itself slipping into the realm of meglomania from time to time.  Case and point, among the offerings from compa


Do Kel-Tec’s Novel Approaches Make for Novelty Guns?

Since 1991, Kel-Tec, has been a source of both major innovations and debate in the gun community.  Owner George Kellgren is responsible for many major innovations and models, including the iconic Tec-9 pistol. He’s done work for Intratec, Grendel, Husqvarna, and Kel-Tec, believe it or not, has