Which Came First, America or the Sniper?

Though recent world records may make you think otherwise, the modern day sniper is an American concept, conceived during the War of Independence. It’s initial psychological impact on the British in 1775 was truly damaging and the Americans saw that by selectively targeting officers and non-coms


Brought to You By GE: The M134 Minigun

With hundreds of years of military strategy based on (and countless lives needlessly lost) lining up soldiers in formation and having them fire in sync, it would seem that from the beginning of fire-armed conflicts, people have been interested in achieving overwhelming and sustained firepower to era


Coltsville: A Tale of Two (Company) Cities

At one time (and some may say even today though with a much softer hand) gun tycoons really ran the show in this country and Connecticut industrialist Samuel Colt was no exception, rather the crowning example.  The dominant American industrialist of his era, Colt generated wealth that was so imm