Comic: War is no sacred cow

The act of war, as often noticed in film and print, does a good job of exposing ironies in the human experience. So too is the case in this week’s comic from the front lines, regarding a US Marine of the Hindu faith, an order to shoot on sight and an unidentified trespasser.


Comic: Cougars in Pennsylvania goes from rumor to real

Two weeks ago we published a comic and we liked it so much we decided to do it again.  This week’s tale comes to us from the heart of Pennsylvania’s Appalachian mountains, where a lifelong hunter and area resident recounts the time that, after 30-years of hearing folks spin yarns about cougars s


Comic: ‘They got guns!’

In honor or our six-month anniversary would like to introduce our very first comic.  The comic is a true story inspired by friend of the staff, and though names have been changed, the story remains the same. We hope you enjoy it…