Remembering the Alamo (and the Guns)

Folks from all walks of life seem to identify with the underdog and stories of steadfast determination against clearly insurmountable odds, like the events at the battle of the Alamo, inspired Texans back then as much as they do today. Well, here are the guns they fought with.


The Archduke Franz Ferdinand: a Colonial Hunte(r/d)

It’s June, 28th, 1914, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand sits in the back of some chitty bang bang rolling through the streets of Sarajevo.  Sophie, his wife, sits beside him.  The Bosnians, his new subjects, sullenly line the streets.  It’s an age of fervent nationalism and the Archduke—in the city t


How the Other Half Lives: Gun Laws in Brazil (VIDEO)

If, like me, you’ve ever driven on Brazil’s highways – those winding-anacondas-of-a-two-lane that Brazilian drivers treat more like winding-anacondas-of-a-four-lane – then, no doubt, you have feared for your life.  Pardon the pun, but the streets of Brazil are Rio dangerous.  However, according


The First Murder of a Monarch with a Firearm

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 10th, 1584, Balthazar Gerard hid in a darkened stairwell, packing some serious heat.  Beneath his cloak dangled three wheel-lock pistols, primed and ready and stuffed with black powder and .50 caliber lead slugs.  Balthazar planned to use the firearms for a purp


The Armory at Harpers Ferry: America Begins with a Bang

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.  Not exactly the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of major manufacturing centers, arms or otherwise.  Yet, for the opening three score years of our nation’s history, Harpers Ferry absolutely boomed, and in more ways than one.  To understand why, the st