Santa Barbara City Fire Captain Chris Mailes shows willing participants proper fire extinguisher techniques. (Photo Credit: Santa Barbra Independent)

‘Fire extinguishers are an effective way to stop school shooters,’ says public relations specialist

“An everyday 5-pound dry powder fire extinguisher will shoot a high-speed stream of attacker slowing or stopping (depending on how close) thick powder for 12-20 feet that will cover an area many times larger than pepper spray and you need not be a good shot as with a firearm that could send misses through classroom walls,” explains Jim Shults, who’s lectured on the subject since the 1980s. Read more


Happy Thanksgiving from

In the November of 1621, Edward Winslow, the former Governor of the Plymouth Colony, penned in what would become the classic early American account, Mourt’s Relation: “Our harvest being gotten in, our governor sent four men on fowling (an archaic term for bird and game hunting), that so we might Read more