Which Came First, America or the Sniper?

Though recent world records may make you think otherwise, the modern day sniper is an American concept, conceived during the War of Independence. It’s initial psychological impact on the British in 1775 was truly damaging and the Americans saw that by selectively targeting officers and non-coms

cimarron cover

New Old Guns From Cimarron in 2013

Cimarron has released their new line up for 2013, and their new old guns are sure to please. Shotguns, 1911s, and affordable single-actions. If you’re into cowboy action shooting or historical memorabilia that you can shoot out on the range, or at the range, Cimarron has a gun for you.


Six Common Reloading Myths

The art of reloading is one that must be treated with discretion and a mind to safety. However, do we reloaders hold true some incorrect ideas of our craft, or have we been right-on all along? Separating old wives tales from explosive truth.


Guns of the Grunt: 1813

When a fledgling United States found itself fighting for its life against British Empire for the second time in just a few decades, it turned to its guns to keep its freedom.