The Legion of Real Life Supervillains

Brazilian artist Butcher Billy mashed together comic villains with who he sees as real life villains in a gallery he calls “The Legion of Real Life Supervillains.” While most of the real life figures are hands down universally evil human beings — I mean real pieces of shit — there’s a couple curveballs in there.


The Future of Revolution

In the midst of a revolution Private Davy is offered a chance to change the odds for his budding country. Shortly after the Battle of Stony Point on a hot July night, does he take a gift from a mysterious stranger, which would give him and his comrades an obvious advantage, and change the ways of


Boxer Spars with PTSD In This Week’s Comic

One strong young boxer finds himself fighting more than just his fellow fighter. Find out what happens when just running into someone can trigger such a vulnerable state-of-mind. In this week’s comic we look at the affects of post-traumatic stress.