Comic: 11-year-old holds down the fort

It was supposed to be a lazy summer day for not-your-typical 11-year-old girl – nothing but TV and video games – until three older teens had to spoil the fun, but not to worry friends. Why?, you might ask. Because she grabs her gun in this week’s comic.


Comic: Boxer spars with PTSD

One strong young boxer finds himself fighting more than just his fellow fighter. Find out what happens when just running into someone can trigger such a vulnerable state-of-mind. In this week’s comic we look at the affects of post-traumatic stress.


Comic: Coyote hunter burns up all his luck

During a frigid winter morning in Maine, one coyote hunter has the luckiest hunt of his life, but at a cost. But hey, we are all forgetful at some point, aren’t we? Find out the fiery conclusion in this week’s comic. And the gear to do it.


Comic: A warning from CDC received

As dutifully reported by, this week the Center for Disease Control released their recommendations for survival in the event of the eminent Zombie Apocalypse.  In this week’s comic, we see why…


Comic: One Chicago man isn’t ‘getting too old’

In the city with America’s toughest gun control laws, keeping a handgun in your home can be a political statement or the means to do something a million times more important – to protect your family and home from violence, as we see happen for one West Chicago man in this weeks comic…


Comic: Navy SEALs seal the fate of Osama bin Laden

With all the back and forth about showing photos and not showing photos, the news media trying to piece together every scrape of new information in a vain attempt to recreate the events of May 2, 2011 and an entertainment industry assuredly pacing like a dog in heat to get their hands on the mov


Comic: A hog day afternoon for one Texas trucker

It’s a hog day afternoon for the Texan truck driver in this week’s comic who, after firing a warning shot from his .357 Federal Magnum, got to see first hand the problem solving abilities, socialization and raw power of the North American wild hog as well as a reminder to keep one eye on the gas