The Colt Woodsman: A most pined after plinking pistol (VIDEO)

Today there are dozens of .22LR target pistols out there on the market. You can walk into any shop in any state and find any number of Ruger, Browning, Beretta, or Walther pistols among others who all promise to scratch that rimfire itch. But nearly a hundred years ago, Colt got this concept out and perfect and before anyone else did and it came in the form of a work of art we know today as the Woodsman—quite possibly the handgun shooters most want to see made again Read more


Mikor MGL: The 40mm South African six shooter (VIDEOS)

There’s a cathartic feeling associated with the sudden desire for a bigger gun; like for instance, if you found yourself alone in a back alley in Badguyville with only a pocket pistol and your mitts. Its in these quiet moments that you may find yourself praying for something a little over the top like a lightweight 40 mm six-shot grenade launcher that is both easily portable and capable of laying waste to entire city blocks. Well, such a weapon exists and its called the Mikor MGL. Read more