GIVEAWAY: Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon (VIDEO)

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For those who didn’t win you can always head over to and pick one up for $29. called it “The Most Dangerous Object in the Office” and for a better part of the day, while in the hands of staff, the Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon certainly was deadly against plastic cups, a cardboard box and any lilliput unfortunate enough to walk through the crossfire on the 30th parallel of the office during the great Battle of Java Bean.

Pocket Artillery Mini Cannons in all ColorsAlthough the Mini Cannon is a novelty, it certainly isn’t a toy. For maximum entertainment, it requires black powder, a handful of BBs or .177 pellets, and a fuse 1/16-inch or 2mm in diameter.

Pocket Artillery, a Little Rock company, makes the cannons out of “surgical grade” stainless steel and the base is machined from aircraft grade aluminum alloy.  The base is also available in black, silver, red and blue.

The CNC machined, muzzle loading, black powder cannon is simple enough to use. Just insert the fuse, pour in the powder, push in the BB and anyone have a light?

Since neither me or my partner helping conduct the review are experts in handloading or artillery we had to resort to guesstimating the appropriate amount of powder needed to send the projectile hurling off toward our coworker’s desk across the hall.

Pocket Artillery Mini CannonIn our first attempt we used too much powder, which resulted in failure. The fuse burned, but did not ignite the powder because there was not enough air to support ignition, we think.

Our second attempt, highlighted in the video, was what we considered to be ideal. You can really see the power behind the BB as it launches out of the cannon. And it also had the exciting POW!

It doesn’t take a genius to safely load and operate the Mini Cannon, but it is incredibly satisfying and entertaining to successfully complete. An activity that would certainly compliment Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or really any summertime barbecue.

The Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon costs $29 plus shipping and is available at

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