Benelli M2 3-Gun


The Benelli Performance Shop M2 3-Gun is a semi-auto competition shotgun chambered for 12 gauge. The 3-Gun was introduced at the 2012 SHOT Show as one of Benelli’s new guns. Benelli said the 3-Gun was designed for “serious ‘run-and-gun’ style 3-gun shooting.” And Benelli recommends it not just for competition, but for self-defense as well.

Like the original M2 Tactical, the M2 3-Gun uses Benelli’s Inertia Driven System where recoil energy cycles the action. The bolt is semi-fixed until the backwards force, vibrating through the gun, arrives to the bolt housing then the vibrations rattle the bolt and forces it back. As it travels rearward it pushes against the inertia spring and, once compressed all the way, the spring pushes back sending the bolt forward.

This system is used instead of letting gas or the initial explosion drive the bolt back. And, since the gases don’t seep into the chamber there won’t be any carbon-build up.

What makes the M2 3-Gun different from the original model is that it is equipped with Nordic Components, a company that specializes in making high performance components for competition guns. The 3-Gun also has a larger bolt release, called a Speed Button, and an extended tactical-style bolt cocking handle. Lastly, it has a widened loading port with beveled edges.

Features include Benelli’s synthetic ComforTech stock, which helps reduce felt recoil, an eight-shot tubular magazine, and a HiViz competition front sight and vent ribbed barrel. MSRP is $2699.



M2 3-Gun
Capacity: 8
Sights: HiViz competition sights
Features: Inertia Driven operating system; vent ribbed barrel; beveled magazine well; and Teflon coated followers in mag well
Gauge: 12 gauge
Stock: Synthetic with ComforTech
Material/Finish: Steel/matte blue
Type: Semi-auto
Weight: 7.1 pounds
Barrel Length: 21"
Length of Pull: 14.4"
Overall Length: 42.5"
Drop at Comb: 1.5"
Drop at Heel: 2"

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