Beretta 3032 Tomcat


The Beretta Model 3032 Tomcat is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered in .32 ACP. The Model 3032 Tomcat is similar in design to the 21 Bobcat.

The Tomcat uses a “tip-up barrel” meaning the user can push down on the muzzle and tip the barrel up to clean it, load it, or check it. The benefit to a tip-up barrel is the barrel locks (and is essentially fixed) to the frame, so it doesn’t move at all while it’s fired.

The Tomcat is similar in design to the 21 Bobcat. The Tomcat has a 2.45″ barrel length, which puts its overall length at 5″. The Tomcat has a light aluminum alloy frame and a carbon steel slide. The Tomcat employs a notched rear sight and blade front sight, and manual thumb safety.

The Tomcat is also available in Beretta’s INOX finish, which is basically a stainless steel finish, and it costs about $120 more.

Beretta recommends the Tomcat for general concealed carry.

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3032 Tomcat
Caliber: .32 ACP
Grip: Checkered plastic
Capacity: 7
Sights: Adjustable rear sight with fixed blade front sight
Features: Manual thumb safety; and tip-up barrel
Action: Semi-auto
Size: Small
Trigger: Double-action
Slide Material: Carbon steel<br />Steel/INOX (stainless)
Frame Material: Titanium alloy
Website: http://www.berettaus…
Weight: 0.91 pounds
Barrel Length: 2.45"
Length: 5"

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