CZ (Ceska Zbrojovka) 550 Medium Lux


The CZ 550 Medium Lux is a bolt-action rifle chambered in 7mm Rem. Mag. The rifle is very similar to the 550 Lux, only it is chambered for bigger cartridges and has a magazine with two shots less in the capacity. Designed for long range shooting, the 550 Medium Lux comes equipped with iron sights which feature adjustable “U” small notches. CZ recommends the 550 Medium Lux for big game hunting.

The Medium Lux features a 23.6″ blued barrel and a walnut stock. The rifle features a two-position safety and a single-set trigger. While the Lux holds five rounds in its fixed magazine, the Medium Lux holds three. The gun’s received is also finished in blue. The Medium Lux has a overall length of 44.7″ and a total weight of 7.3 lbs.

Česká zbrojovka translates as “Czech Army”, so it comes as no surprise then that CZ firearms has a long history of supplying weapons to militaries around the globe. The CZ name can be found on a variety of handguns, smallbore and bigbore rifles, military rifles and submachine guns.



Medium Lux
Caliber: 7mm Rem. Mag.
Capacity: 3
Sights: Adjustable
Features: Single-set trigger; two position safety; and fixed magazine
Action: Bolt
Stock: Walnut
Material/Finish: Steel/blued
Weight: 7.3 pounds
Barrel Length: 23.6"
Twist: 1 in 10"
Overall Length: 44.7"

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