Kahr PM40


The Kahr PM40 is a medium-frame pistol chambered in .40 S&W.

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Caliber: .40 S&W
Grip: Textured polymer
Capacity: 5
Sights: Adjustable tritium night sights<br />Adjustable white bar-dot combat sights<br />Drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights and Crimson Trace® laser sight
Features: Lock breech; "Browning - type" recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
Action: Semi-auto
Material/Finish: Blackened stainless steel slide/matte/black polymer frame<br />Stainless steel slide/matte/black polymer frame
Size: Medium
Trigger: Double-action only
Website: http://www.kahr.com/…
Weight: 0.987 pounds
Barrel Length: 3"
Twist: 1 in 16"
Length: 5.47"
Height: 4"

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