Kimber Ultra CDP II


The Kimber Ultra CDP II is a semi-automatic medium-framed pistol chambered in .45 ACP. The Ultra CDP II is a variant of the Custom Defense Package series. What makes the Ultra unique to the series is that it has a 3″ barrel.

Features include a tritium night sights, an aluminum skeletized trigger and hammer, which reduces weight, and a heavy bull barrel that helps improve accuracy.



Ultra CDP II
Caliber: .45 ACP
Grip: Rosewood double diamond
Capacity: 7
Sights: Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night sight
Features: Aluminum trigger; bull barrel; skeletized trigger and hammer; beavertail grip; and thumb and grip safeties
Action: Semi-auto
Size: Medium
Trigger: Single-action
Slide Material: Stainless steel/satin silver
Frame Material: Aluminum/matte black
Website: http://www.kimberame…
Weight: 1.56 pounds
Trigger Pull: 4 to 5 pounds
Barrel Length: 3"
Twist: 1 in 16"
Length: 6.8"
Height: 4.75"

Editor Review

Having owned a couple of Kimber Eclipses, we already knew we liked the Kimber 1911's and weren't really looking for another one, when my husband came across a great deal on an Ultra CDP II last year. He worked out a trade with the guy who had it, and figured it'd be good trading stock at upcoming gun shows.

After getting it home, he started to have second thoughts about getting rid of this gun. We both really liked it! Every aspect of the gun's frame is smooth and rounded like a polished stone from a riverbed. It fit into my hand like it had been custom molded just for me. 

Besides the smooth, sleek feel of the gun, it is very lightweight. (Something that means a lot to someone who is only 5’2” tall.) The slide actually pulled back so easy that it took me by surprise the first time I chambered a round. The ambidextrous thumb safeties were perfectly positioned also. Flick, and it's on; flick, and it's off. Of course, it also has the standard 1911 pressure safety built into the back of the grip, as well.

I've read a few comments on other websites where people claimed to have trouble with re-loads not feeding well into this gun, but we've shot quite a few rounds of ammo through the Ultra and never had an issue with anything we fed through it. Hollow points, full metal jackets – it didn't seem to matter what we used. You can also get the gun with Crimson trace laser grips. We have them on our 4” Eclipse, but I prefer the tritium night sights, myself. I'm just more comfortable with three steady white polka dots than one bouncing red ball, I guess.

We've found that you've got a pretty easy tear down with this little gun, too. You do need to use a take-down tool to remove the 3” barrel, but that's not a big deal. It all slides apart very smoothly, and fits back into place just as easily.

Overall this is a really great gun. It has a very comfortable fit in your hand, and its smooth contours and light weight make it a perfect conceal and carry choice for just about anyone. If you start putting some money away now, you might be able to get one for your wife for Christmas!