Mossberg 935 Magnum Autoloader Grand Slam Series – Turkey


The Mossberg 935 Magnum Grand Slam Series is a semi-automatic hunting shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. The 935 Magnum Grand Slam Series, available in a trio of camouflage finishes, comprises three of the seventeen Mossberg 935 Magnum variants. What makes the 935 Magnum Grand Slam Series unique is that it is accompanied by an X-factor brand choke tube and employs front and rear adjustable fiber-optic sights. Also, the barrel is ported, so by the muzzle there are multiple holes drilled into it that re-direct propellant gases outward. This helps reduce recoil because it disrupts the backwards force caused by the gases.

The 935 Magnum Grand Slam Series shares a number of features including over-bored barrels, meaning all barrels are bored to 0.775″ 10 gauge size lieu of the standard 0.731″ 12 gauge bore. Mossberg claims that the over-bored barrel reduces felt recoil and improve pattern performance. All Magnum 935s also include a quick-empty magazine button. It is available in three finishes: Real Tree hardwoods HD Green, Mossy Oak New Break-Up, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

Mossberg recommends the 935 Magnum Grand Slam Series for turkey hunting.



935 Magnum Autoloader Grand Slam Series - Turkey
Capacity: 5
Sights: Fiber optic front sight
Features: Interchangeable chokes; ambidextrous thumb safety; ported barrel; and quick empty magazine button
Gauge: 12 gauge
Stock: Synthetic
Material/Finish: Mossy oak break-up infinity<br />Mossy oak new break-up<br />Real tree hardwoods hd green
Type: Semi-auto
Website: http://www.mossberg.…
Weight: 7.5 pounds
Barrel Length: 22"
Length of Pull: 14.5"
Overall Length: 43"
Drop at Comb: 1.5"
Drop at Heel: 2.25"
Bore: 3.5"

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