Rizzini Inverness Round Body Deluxe


The Rizzini Inverness Round Body Deluxe is a break-action over-under shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. It is the deluxe version of the Inverness Round Body Standard but with an asking price of about $1,100.00 more. The engraving in the Deluxe model appears to be of heightened detail and scope.

As with most Rizzini models, the Inverness Round Body Deluxe features a chrome lined bore that’s corrosion resistant. The gun also offers brazed ribs, meaning the rib is furnace heated to increase bore strength and durability. The shotgun also has ejectors, a single selective trigger that serves either barrel, and a coin or color case-hardened frame, which gives the metal components a custom aged appearance.

Rizzini is an Italian family of gunmakers founded in 1966 by Battista
Rizzini. A number of Rizzini family arms are available to North American
domestic buyers through manufacturer and retailer agreements. The
Inverness Round Body Deluxe is made available through Connecticut

Rizzini considers the Inverness Round Body Deluxe as a deluxe field shooting 12 gauge.

rizzini_invernessround-body_deluxe2 rizzini_invernessround-body-standard-a3


Inverness Round Body Deluxe
Capacity: 2
Features: Single selective trigger; ejectors; screw in chokes; coin or color case-case hardened frame; and decorative engraving
Gauge: 12 gauge
Stock: Walnut
Material/Finish: Steel/polished
Type: Over-Under
Website: http://www.rizzinius…
Barrel Length: 26.5"<br />28"<br />29.125"<br />30"

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