Ruger GP100


The Ruger GP100 is a medium-frame revolver chambered in .327 Federal Mag. and .357 Mag. The GP100 is available in six different combinations of size, finish and caliber.

The GP100 features stainless or blued alloy steel construction. Barrel lengths include a 3″, 4.2″, and 6″. The GP100 is equipped with an adjustable rear sight with a fixed ramp front sight (the 3″ barrel model does not include adjustable sights). The GP100 employs Hogue brand rubber grips. The cylinder is designed to lock in three different spots: the front, rear and bottom. Ruger says the triple locking cylinder ensures more positive alignment and dependable operation. The GP100 also has a transfer bar, which allows the hammer to indirectly strike the firing pin because the transfer bar absorbs the impact and then presses against the firing pin.

Ruger recommends the GP100 for general carry.

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.357 Mag.
Caliber: .357 Mag.
Grip: Hogue brand rubber
Capacity: 6
Sights: *Fixed<br />Adjustable
Features: *8.5 overall length
Action: Revolver
Material/Finish: Alloy Steel/blue<br />Stainless steel/satin
Size: Large<br />Medium
Trigger: Double-action
Weight: 2.25 pounds<br />2.5 pounds<br />2.8125 pounds
Barrel Length: 3"<br />4.2"<br />6"
Twist: 1 in 16"
Length: 11.5"<br />8.5"<br />9.5"
.327 Federal Mag.
Caliber: .327 Federal Mag.
Grip: Hogue brand rubber
Capacity: <br />7
Sights: Adjustable
Action: Revolver
Material/Finish: Alloy Steel/blue<br />Stainless steel/satin
Size: Medium
Trigger: Double-action
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Barrel Length: 4.2"
Twist: 1 in 16"
Length: 9.5"

Editor Review

The Ruger GP100 is a Bad Boy

Well, what is there to say? The Ruger GP100 is a bad boy. The gun is rather heavy, weighing in at 40 ounces, but it handles heavy .357 loads well. And it is one of the most solid-feeling revolvers I have ever had in my hands.

In the early years of production the Ruger GP100 was offered with grips that were a mix of rubber and wood, and a lot of folks didn’t like that, so they started replacing them with the Hogue rubber grips in such numbers that Ruger finally just offered them from the factory. The gun I tested had the Hogue style, rubber wrap-around grips, which felt great in my hands especially while firing .38 Special rounds. Be aware, though, that once you load up .357 rounds in there to hold that gun tight because the rubber grips can really bite back with the recoil.

The cylinder doesn’t rattle or wobble when you pop it out and as with all double-action revolvers the trigger is a bit harder to pull without the hammer back, but, nevertheless, the feel is still very smooth. With the hammer cocked, the trigger takes no effort to pull – very few pistols can match it. And the finish is a beautiful, high quality stainless steel. It didn’t scuff or mar at all when tested.

As mentioned, the GP100 is heavy especially in today’s age of polymer weaponry, so I it probably isn’t fit for concealed carry. However, for hunting, camping or hiking, the .357 would serve as a great backpack or holster gun. It’s capable of bringing down some pretty big game, so if you find yourself in bear country and don’t want the sheer bulk of a .44 Magnum, the Ruger GP100 will fit the bill quite nicely.

The sights are easy to use, but the front one had no markings on it. Some people prefer at least a little green or yellow dot on the front sight to aid in aiming, and it wouldn’t be too hard to put one there if you had the means. I personally like a dot to be present, and would add one quickly. However, with or without the markings, the sights from the factory are extremely accurate.

One added benefit of the Ruger GP100 is that it can shoot .38 Special rounds for range practice, which have a whole lot less kick, both on the pocketbook and the arm. When chambered with .38 Specials the gun is smooth as glass, and the kick is comparable to an all-steel .45, such as the 1911.

As with other revolvers, there is no safety lever, so this isn’t the gun you want to leave lying around (especially if you have children). However, if you don’t and want something for home-defense than it is a great gun because there’s no thinking necessary – simply grab it and pull the trigger.

The Ruger GP100 really is a great gun for the money. In fact, when I searched the web to see what other people thought, I couldn’t find a single negative remark about the revolver. Folks love 'em.