SIG Sauer P290


The Sig Sauer P290 is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered in 9mm. The P290 is a borderline pocket pistol. Compared to other pockets it’s just a hair too big, but than again if a person has large enough pockets any handgun can be a pocket pistol. Sig Sauer designed the P290 specifically for concealed carry—size, shape and features. It has a double-action only trigger, which gives it a longer pull. It’s less likely something other than a trigger finger will pull a double-action trigger all the way back, so this kind of balances out the no safety. Typically concealed carry pieces have double-action triggers because in a situation the carrier needs it, he or she wants to react immediately and a safety switch would interrupt that reaction. The P290 has a lightweight polymer frame putting it around 1.3 pounds and it is less than an inch wide. It has an accessory rail for an optional laser sight and if a user doesn’t want that option its standard sights are Siglites, which are night sights. Sig Sauer recommends the P290 for conceal carry or as a back-up gun for law enforcement officers.

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Caliber: 9mm
Grip: Aluminum<br />Polymer<br />Wood
Capacity: 6<br />8
Sights: <br />Siglite
Features: Optional integrated laser; and removable grip plates
Action: Semi-auto
Material/Finish: Nitron slide<br />Polymer frame<br />Stainless steel slide
Size: Small
Trigger: Double-action only
Website: http://www.sigsauer.…
Weight: 1.29 pounds
Barrel Length: 2.9"
Length: 5.5"
Height: 3.9"

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