Taurus PT 740 Slim


The Taurus PT 740 Slim is a semi-automatic small-frame pistol chambered for .40 S&W. The 740 Slim has been praised for its smooth cycling and comfortably compact design by many reviewers. Named “Slim” because of its thin frame. Otherwise the Taurus 740 has a basic features for a compact pistol.

Features include three-dot sights that are adjustable for elevation and wind. Several safeties including a trigger safety that prevents the firing pin from punching forward unless the trigger is actually pulled, so if it’s dropped no accidental discharge. A safety switch, just in case, and a lock safety that renders it functionless with a turn of a key. A thumb and index finger groove make for an interesting ergonomic design. There is a thumb indent for the action-hand’s grip and a finger groove along the frame just below the slide to place the passive hand’s index finger. And, the 740 Slim costs around $483, which is about a hundred dollars less than a comparable small-framed .40 like the Glock 27.

Taurus recommends the 740 Slim for concealed carry.

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PT 740 Slim
Caliber: .40 S&W
Grip: Polymer
Capacity: 6
Sights: Adjustable three-dot sights
Features: Lock safety; shot indicator; and slim frame
Action: Semi-auto
Material/Finish: Stainless steel<br />Steel/blue
Size: Small
Trigger: Double-action/single-action
Website: http://www.taurususa…
Weight: 1.1875 pounds
Barrel Length: 3.2"
Length: 6.24"
Height: 5.35"

Editor Review

The Taurus PT 740 Slim is a smooth runner. Taurus has built a solid yet rather basic pistol, but added practical features that most gun owners are looking for today.

First off, the one of the biggest selling points on the 740 Slim is that, well, it's slim. The width of the pistol is 1.04” and that makes it a bit easier to conceal and comfortable to carry. The gun weighs in at 19 ounces, mostly due to the polymer frame, and so it isn’t nearly as heavy its steel counterparts. The overall length of it is 6.24”, with 3.2” of that being barrel. The 740, although designed mostly for close-encounter carry, doesn’t have a bad range on it either.

It has an “either/or” magazine release meaning it can be pressed from the left or right side of the gun, so it’s also appealing to southpaws. It’s also a single-action/double-action design, so the first shot can be fired off without racking the slide, it’ll just be a heavier trigger pull. Not bad. The double action trigger squeezes at a 5 to 7 pounds, which is the norm for out-of-the-box weapons today.

The Slim’s magazine is made of stamped steel and features witness holes so the shooter can tell how many rounds are left at a quick glance. They also have extended bumper pads that make the gun easier to hold while shooting it. The pistol’s capacity is 6+1 and after the last round is fired, the slide stays fully locked back.

It also has an integral takedown latch as opposed to a pin one has to pop out in order to remove the slide. I thought this was a neat feature because the gun can be taken down faster and there is one less part to fall on the ground and become impossible to find. Integral takedown latches are becoming more and more popular, much to the delight of many handgun owners.

The PT 740 Slim uses a classic 3-dot sight system, with the rear being adjustable. The gun has a manual safety as well as a reciprocating safety found on the trigger, much like the Glock weapons. The pistol will not fire unless both units are pulled together, increasing safety by design. The slide is made of either blued carbon steel (for the 740B model) or stainless steel (which is the 740SS) and is contoured to make the gun more carry-worthy.

Lastly, the .40 caliber itself is pretty cool and, although widely available, doesn’t seem to get a whole lot of press – 9mm and .45 ACP tend to take all the glory. Nonetheless, it was designed as a defensive round and I think works great. More power than a 9mm, and less recoil than a .45. Great for the 740's small frame.

Taurus slapped a suggested price of $483 on the PT 740 Slim, and it’ll likely be found for much less at the local gun shop. If you are looking for an affordable, basic black, no-frills design in a .40 caliber handgun, this one may just be right up your alley.