Winchester Model 101 Sporting


The Winchester Model 101 Sporting is an over-under shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. The Model 101 is a series of over-under shotguns that have a beautiful Walnut stock with glossy finish and engraving in the receiver. Winchester says all M101s are hand crafted in Belgium.

Features on the Sporting include a 10mm wide rib barrel with a mid bead and TruGlo front sight. TruGlo sights are brightly colored and easy to see. The safety’s located on the tang or on the back of the grip. A vented Pachmayr Decelerator pad, which adds comfort to the shoulder and reduces felt recoil. The ported barrel also helps reduce recoil because it diverts gases that would otherwise contribute to rearward force. And it uses Browning’s Invector-Plus chokes that help control the spread and range of the shot.

The barrel has been back-bored to a larger diameter than most shotguns, 0.742″ to be precise. The result of this process gives a 12 gauge shot a wide, yet tight shot pattern, which is beneficial to most shotgunners–especially those who shoot skeet or clay.

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Model 101 Sporting
Capacity: 2
Sights: Rib with mid bead sight and TruGlo front sight
Features: Ported barrel; Invector Plus chokes; back bored barrel; and TruGlo fiber optic sights
Gauge: 12 gauge
Stock: Walnut/high gloss
Material/Finish: Steel/blue
Type: Over-under
Chokes: Improved cylinder<br />Improved modified<br />Light full<br />Modified<br />Skeet
Website: http://www.wincheste…
Weight: 7.125 pounds<br />7.25 pounds<br />7.375 pounds
Barrel Length: "<br />28"<br />30"<br />32"
Length of Pull: 14.625"
Overall Length: 45.625"<br />47.625"<br />49.625"
Drop at Comb: 1.375"
Drop at Heel: 2.375"
Bore: 2.75"

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