The Colt Woodsman: A most pined after plinking pistol (VIDEO)

Today there are dozens of .22LR target pistols out there on the market. You can walk into any shop in any state and find any number of Ruger, Browning, Beretta, or Walther pistols among others who all promise to scratch that rimfire itch. But nearly a hundred years ago, Colt got this concept out and perfect and before anyone else did and it came in the form of a work of art we know today as the Woodsman—quite possibly the handgun shooters most want to see made again


Top 5 backpacking plinkers

While “roughing it” in a camper with ramen might appeal to day-trippers, mountain-men and the like tend to catch, cook and consume their own game on the trail and few calibers are more versatile than .22lr.


A love letter to the Beretta 71

I believe the most important reason to own this pistol is for the fun and joy of shooting. With the large fake suppressor, one can take this gun to the range and send round after round into paper targets, living out your favorite spy movie fantasy. I confess to my friends that when I first shot this pistol I had the intro song to “Casino Royale” running through my head each time I picked up the pistol. It is simply a fun gun to shoot, even with the fake suppressor obscuring the sights.