HAFDASA Carbines: Don’t cry for them, Argentina, the truth is they never left you (VIDEOS)

If we told you 80-years ago, someone designed a compact rifle that held a fifty round box mag, used a one-piece aluminum lower receiver, and could be made on the cheap, would it ring a bell? Surely, you would have heard of this gun, right? Well it’s the C series Ballester Rigaud made by the HAFDASA company of Argentina—and unless you’re a gamer odds are you probably haven’t. Read more


7 German police pistols you should get to know (VIDEOS)

If you’re a handgun hound, chances are you’ve set eyes on a whole line of imported European 9mm cop guns over the years. You know the ones, the Walther p1, SIG P6, HK P7 etcetera. But what you may not pay much mind to is that all of these guns get their ‘P’ designation from being adopted by the West German police back in the bad old days and, for students of history, that’s more than enough to raise an eyebrow at. Read more