Glock 30s

Gun Review: The New Glock 30S .45ACP (VIDEO)

The market for compact .45 ACPs just got a little bit more diverse. And the Glock 30S has successfully raised the bar. This new offering is almost the exact same size as a Glock 19, but it’s built for those of us who want a bit more punch than the traditional 9mm.

The Ruger LCR in .357

Gun Review: Sturm Ruger LCR .357 (VIDEO)

Ruger knows how to make revolvers. One of their most popular wheel guns is the .357 LCR, and for good reason. This 17 ounce .357 is about as light and compact as the platform gets. With its enclosed hammer and short barrel, the LCR is a favorite for concealed carry. While recoil from the .357 can be a bit punchy, the round trumps anything a polymer semi-auto can offer.