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Gear Review: Ergo Z Rail

I’ve grown accustomed to railed forends. It is such a logical extension of the utilatarian nature of the AR platform. But some companies are still selling rifles with old-school, basic accoutrements. That’s where Ergo comes in. Their Z Rail is the perfect option.

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GEAR REVIEW: A Look Back at 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, I’m picking out the best of year’s guns and gear. This list looks at my favorites from 2012, some of which I’ve touched on before and some which I is appearing on for the first time.

ATI Stock

Gear Review: ATI Gunstocks

Looking to modify a shotgun or a rifle? Finding aftermarket stocks and forends that fit can be difficult. I suggest looking to the specialists. Advanced Technology International (ATI) makes accessories for guns, and they make their products here in the US. ATI can take an already good gun and make it perfect.