Glock cover

Gun Review: Glock 20 (VIDEO)

The Glock 20 is a hammer. The 10mm round generates a tremendous amount of muzzle energy, and even in the automatic action of a hefty Glock, the recoil is brutal. But if your wrists can take it, the 10mm is a capable round. 200 grain bullets, moving at 1,100 fps. And the Glock 20 is one of the most ergonomic and intuitive 10mms available.

als cover

Gear Review: Safariland ALS Holster (VIDEO)

Safariland is one of the leading names in duty gear. Their ALS holsters offer many options, and are ideal for full sized pistols. The lock holds guns secure, while allowing for safe and fluid draws. We have a paddle ALS in for review, one built for a Glock 20 with a SureFire light. And it is the perfect duty combination.