Shoot around corners, record hunts with TrackingPoint ShotGlass App on Recon Jet Smartglasses

With the recent announcement by TrackingPoint and new partner Recon Instruments, you’ll never lose sight of your target again. Through applying TrackingPoint’s app, ShotGlass, to a tiny monitor called the Recon Jet, the view from the scope is projected directly to your glasses.

“The new ShotGlass app on the Recon Jet wearable allows our customers to make shots beyond belief: around corners, over barriers, from complete cover,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher.

Recon specializes in wearable heads-up display technology, and perfect pairing for TrackingPoint.


Suggested uses: shooting around corners; recording video and voice; increasing situational awareness; and collaborative shooting.

When TrackingPoint launched in 2013 it brought two innovative concepts to reality — a firearm equipped with lock ‘n’ launch technology, and digitizing the spotter/shooter relationship. Together, the companies will surely evolve the latter concept.

The Jet runs on the Android operating system and connects wirelessly to the on-board Precision-Guided Firearm heads-up display to enable a dual vantage point shooting experience. With the PGF from a concealed location with only the trigger hand exposed, shooters can engage targets up to three-quarters of a mile

Also, hunting guides and sniper spotters can gain a second set of eyes on the target, to provide input and gain a broader field of view to assist the shooter.

The ShotGlass application automatically records high-definition video of every hunt and every shot, enabling shooters to share the footage with friends and family, or for training purposes.

“This is a great example of how quickly our Jet SDK (software developer kit) and open computing platform can be leveraged by partners to create amazing experiences for new markets,” said Dan Eisenhardt, Recon’s CEO.

The ShotGlass app on the Recon Jet is available for pre-order now for $995 with delivery in April. For more information and to pre-order, click here.

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