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Amanda Rose

I've been serving in the military for 11 years and a federal police officer for four. My life encompasses many passions not only shooting but in motorcycles and fitness. I'm active in my community and church and play for a women’s soccer team. My ambitions have always been to show young women that they can succeed in any world they want to be a part of, as long as they work for it. Never take the easy way out of anything. When you hit a failure, react and double tap again.

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Jared Honzell

My experience with guns started when I was a kid and my step dad took me hunting. That turned into learning more about the guns and bullets I was using.  Also this is where the rattle can paint jobs on my rifles came from. I dedicated all of my free time to becoming as proficient as possible. As I've got older, and have a family of my own, I've found a passion for the "Tactical" aspect of guns, gear and training. Since I started my Instagram page I've enjoyed taking photos and promoting gear that I've used and trust. Plus I'm learning more every day, always a student.

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Eli Duckworth

Growing up in the foothills of North Carolina, firearms were a commonality amongst many in my area. Shooting started young, with my first experience pulling a trigger being around ten years old, on a Colt 80’s Series Model 1991a1 Government Model in .45 ACP. Two things happened on that day: I discovered the boundless joy in shooting and I fell for the sorcery of the 1911 style handgun. Since then, I have taken every opportunity to pull a trigger that I can, learning more with every felt recoil. As I entered my second year of university in the fall of 2017, I began working at a local gun counter. Around that time, I began casually posting photos of my small weapons collection online on Instagram. As the need to supplement my expensive firearms hobby grew greater, I additionally began working at custom gun shop TMT Tactical in Morganton, NC. Since then, my collection and Instagram page have grown, allowing me to collaborate and partner with companies like DS Arms, Auto Ordnance, Springfield Armory, The Armory Life, Galco Gun Leather, and now I am thankful and blessed for the experiences that I have had in the gun industry. Even now as I shoot more and more I am still greeted with the same overwhelming joy as when I fired my very first shot all those years ago.

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Dave Young

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Mike Spicer

I’ve been interested in and shooting guns since I was a little boy. From hunting trips with my Dad, to range time and clay pigeon shooting with friends and family, to doing fun reviews on my Instagram and YouTube channels, I have always had an obsession with firearms!  I’m not an expert, I’m just an educated fan!

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Jen Blake

Jen started her love for shooting and outdoors growing up hunting, camping & fishing with her dad and grandma.  She started learning more about pistols and concealed carry working as a Realtor when she was meeting strangers in empty houses on a regular basis.  She enjoyed the training so much she continued and became a  concealed carry instructor and an appointed NRA Counselor in southern Ohio. She has traveled the country training women to use firearms safely and loves helping to the grow female participation in gun ownership whether for protection, hunting or shooting sports.  Her passion is 3-Gun competitions. Where she runs around with a pistol, rifle, and shotgun in stages kind of like an outdoor obstacle course with climbing ropes, walls, tunnels, swinging bridges and anything else you can imagine!

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Amy Dillon

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