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Colt has been delivering the world’s finest innovative firearms to Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian markets throughout history and continues to do so today. Colt’s manufacturing process relies on the precision of both modern technology and professional craftsmanship, producing the quality that Colt customers have come to expect and rely on. Whether it’s a classic Single Action Army Revolver or a modern 1911, you can expect nothing short of excellence from Colt firearms.


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Colt handguns are known for their superior craftsmanship and ergonomics. offers a wide selection of new and used Colt handguns! Shop popular models like the Defender, Gold Cup, Mustang, Cobra and King Cobra! 



colt rifle semi auto FDE magpul

Colt rifles have a reputation of reliability, performance and accuracy. offers a selection of Colt rifles, both vintage and recent models, in a variety of calibers and configurations. Shop popular models like the AR15A4, M4 Carbine and Patrol Rifle!




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Monument Planned To Honor The Late Richard Overton

Fundraising is underway for a monument to honor the late Richard Overton. Overton, who lived to be 112, was America’s oldest living WWII Veteran.

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