GUNS.COM FEES takes the pain out of gun buying. We have built a network of local gun stores, distributors, and our own specially curated firearms to bring you the best selection of guns available online. We also make sure that getting your gun is easy, with fast delivery and notifications along the way.

If you shop on other sites, be sure to take into account everything – often you will see charges added at the last minute, like higher prices if you're not paying cash. You will be required to do a lot of the work yourself. And they will leave you high and dry if any problems arise.

At, we’re up front and honest with you. You will see a firearms processing fee on each order when you purchase a firearm. This fee assures you that will be the only one charging your credit card and that no last minute fees will be added on. Additionally, all shipping/transfer paperwork will be organized by and if any problems arise will handle them, including all returns. In addition to all of this, here is what else we bring to you:


  • A well organized, logical presentation of guns. Find what you want quickly, without sifting through thousands of jumbled listings. Be confident that what you’re seeing online is exactly what you’ll get.


  • A simple, secure checkout process. Other gun brokers require you to pay using whatever system the individual seller wants. There is no guarantee of the safety and security of your transaction. uses some of the most secure technology available, and your payment is to, not a random seller that you might not be able to track down if there’s an issue.


  • Quality inventory. Our inventory only comes from vetted local gun stores, authorized distributors, and our own warehouse. You won’t find any basement bandits or sketchy sellers on our site. You can feel confident that what you’re spending your hard-earned dollars on will be to your satisfaction.


  • Instant local pickup or fast, simple shipping. We always try to find your gun from a local dealer so you can get it sooner and there are no shipping charges for our Certified Used guns! We scour local dealers in our network instantly to see if they have the exact gun you ordered. When they do, you can pick it up right away – no waiting! In the event that a gun needs to be shipped to you, we'll send it to your local FFL at no cost to you. At, ALL CERTIFIED USED FIREARMS SHIP FREE regardless of size, and we get them out to you as fast as we can. Sometimes as quickly as the next day!


  • We do the hard work. We take care of the paperwork needed to pick up your gun - we don't ask you to get a copy of an FFL license, scan it, and send it to us like our competitors do. We’ll contact them get a copy, verify that it is still in good standing, and let you know when you can pick up your gun. Other sites will have you running all over town, making, copies, and spending far too much time doing what they should be doing.


  • We’re here for you. Got a question, comment, or concern before, during, or after you gun purchase? Call or email us (1-866-582-GUNS or We’re open convenient hours every day of the week, and our Rangemasters are dedicated to making sure you’re satisfied. Good luck just trying to find a phone number on other sites!


  • The Promise. Buying from us means something more than just getting a gun. It means getting a promise that we’ll be here to help solve your problems.


We hope you enjoy your experience shopping with, and please let us know if there’s anything we can do better.