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Whether you are searching for an AR-15 for home defense, hunting, recreational shooting, or other applications, our ever-growing inventory consists of many options to meet every budget and every need. These rifles come in a large selection of calibers, are made with various materials, available in multiple sizes and barrel lengths, and offer a wide range of finishes and features.

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  • Best AR-15 Rifles Available to Consumers

    With a bevy of options available to consumers it can be confusing navigating the muddy waters of the civilian AR-15 industry; but, no worries, is here to offer our top picks for awesome ARs.

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  • 8 Affordable AR-15s To Fit Any Budget

    While we all want to drop coin on tricked out, AR platform rifles not all of us can afford the high-dollar price tags. For those moments, we turn to affordable AR-15 models. has pulled together some of our favorite and wallet-friendly models for those minding their bank accounts.

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  • How to Clean an AR-15

    If you are new to the AR platform and need a little help cleaning it, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we are cleaning the AR-15 and similar variants.

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  • Best AR-15 Rifles for Beginners

    Modern sporting rifles have gained popularity over the past several years. If you’re new to shooting and looking for a rifle, AR-15s are a great place to start.

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