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Built on the massive X-frame and dubbed by the company as the “most powerful production revolver in the world,” the Smith & Wesson 500 is a single-double action revolver chambered in 500 S&W Mag. Constructed of stainless steel, it features a 5-round capacity, Hogue grips with finger grooves to reduce felt recoil, and adjustable rear sights. For greater stability and accuracy, the rifled tube is housed inside a barrel shroud, and a centerpin in the back of the cylinder and a ball detent in the frame contribute to lockup. The 500 is available in several variants with numerous barrel lengths, ranging from 2.75” to 10.5”. A handgun capable of delivering tremendous power, the 500 is well-suited for big game hunting.

• Stainless steel X-frame
• Chambered in 500 S&W Mag
• Hogue grips
• Suitable for big game hunting
• Made in the USA

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